There are thousands of ways to be creative and there is at least a thousand ways how we perform our creativity. In both my work as an artist and as an art therapist I work in a way that feel most right at the moment. I let my clients work as they want. A wall, on the floor, big, small or just let the flow create with me. It’s a lot like dancing...Solo...couple...leading...following...correct steps or just feeling... Sculpture work in concrete, clay. Paper, wire, wood or plastic....The essence of a sculpture for me, is the wordless ongoing dialog between the form and the material, but also its ambient <3

Laila Orning

Konstnär - Konstkonsult - Bildterapeut

Art - Art Therapy - Workshops

The experiences of working with texture in paint, in combinations with different workflows are exciting and fun.

The creative process involved in expressing one’s self artistically can help people to resolve issues as well as develop and manage their behaviors and feelings, reduce stress, and improve self-esteem and awareness. The painting or sculpture makes us react and feel, and we work from the seeing or the feeling. Art Therapy is used in all parts of the world and it has no gender or age terms. Different levels for different individuals. We take it from where you are. Art therapy can achieve different things for different persons. It can be used for counseling by art therapists and it´s a way that may provide the individual with a deeper understanding of him or herself


A silent dialog between the form, figure, material and its ambient.

When I do custom made paintings for privete residents or company, I always have a meeting in the area

for the art piece.

Just to get to know the area

and the customer.

Its the same with workshops.

All my workshops are custom made for the group, the couple, the family or

 the client.

  • Art work contains physical work which starts up processes. Combine this with emotions,  feelings and experience of being in the moment at the same time you are in every layer of paint. When was the last time you pained? Paint with your bare hands?  At the floor? With your eyes closed? Art work contains thoughts, feeling, emotion and a saying no matter how it’s done.
  • Art therapy is for any one. As in any therapy, this is about you. Let go of the control just to manage to get it back again. With a new insight. With a new how and why. The picture is without words and still it speaks and holds a bit of our history, a bit of our now and a bit of our future.
  • Workshops. There is artwork workshops just for fun or team groups were we work with team building or team setting. Artwork is a creative way to work with conflicts, strong emotions as grief or lost. It is also a very active way to start something new. Projects, classes, teams or a new family constellation...  It’s a creative way to get to know each other in new way.

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