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Porträtt resarö 2020
Kronovalls slott 1
Visby 2020




THE NUT HOUSE - VÄSBY, 2017-2019



Hildasholm 2020
Detalj healing snakes
Detalj music
Kronovalls slott 1
Tigern o draken Rara Avis Alster, redigerad (129)

Urval av kommande 2020

September- Mörby Badet

Nov-jan Triften Täby

Urval av Tidigare utställningar

2020 Augusti Visby Domkyrka

2020 juni-sep Hildasholm skulpturpark Jurybedömd

2019 Maj-sep Skulpturpark The Nut House

2019 Nov Studio 19

2019 Designutställning Space By Kungsholmen

2018 Maj Skulpturbacken The Nut House

2018 Jul The Nut House, sam utst m David Wadsworth

2018 Juli Separat A

2018 Sep Space By på Kungsholmen

Utställning  City Lines m Lena Thorén Winbo

2017 Jan Lemon Bar, separat

2017 Feb Daniel Lugos studio, sthlm, separat

2017 Mars Helsingborgs hamnkontor, separat

2017 Mars Sthlms Båtmässa

2017 Maj Skulpturpark Bellevue, Sthlm

2017 Maj Skulpturträdgård The Nut House, Torsåker

2017 Juni Galleri Bellman sthlm

2017 Aug VIP Art & Garden

2017 Dec Flyttar in på Galleri Inhead m Tomas L

2016 Dec City Lines MÅLERI & SKVaxholm Sam utst. m Designer Lena Thorén Winbo,

Galleri Bellman

2016 Okt Mörby Badet MÅLERI

Sep.utställning av båtmotiv mm

2016 Aug-sep  Feelitism MÅLERI

Sep.utst. The Nut House, Torsåker

2016 Juli Kronovall Slott Skulpturpark

sam utst med flertal utställare

2016 Maj

- Skulpturpark Bellevue

sam uts flertal utställare

- Konstutst. Echo

m L.Garell

2016 April Sthlm Kulturnatt

- Proj utst. Echo inkl. bokreleas m L.Garell

2015 Dec You & Me MÅLERI & SKULPTUR

Sam utst. m designer Lena Thorén Winbo

Galleri Studio 19

2015 Juli-sept Skulpturpark Kronovall Vinslott

2014 Dec Fragment MÅLERI & SKULPTUR

Sam utst. m Designer Lena Thorén Winbo

Galleri SO STHLM

2014 maj Min inre kompass

Sep utst Galleri Roddarhuset, vaxholm

2013 Jun Galleri Bellman

2013 Dec Duett MÅLERI

sam utst. m designer Lena Thorén Winbo

Galleri SO STHLM

2012 Gotland // Glas

2011 Galleri Svea// Glas

2010 Galleri Kompass, Sthlm // Måleri

2009 Galleri Svea, Sthlm // Glas

2008 Galleri Svea, Sthlm

Echo - Of a human scream, spring 2016

My final work for my diploma and education in Art Therapy.

Exhibition and book release of Echo -of a human scream

Three years painting women, naked women, at the education center. Paint them, sculpture them and learned to love them. An individual process of me, from inside of me, living and learning to become that strong, proud female soul I always been. Then I found my grandma´s Collection of elk horn. The process got a turn. Found myself working with defense and two side of a coin. The whole process took about 4 years and is still running in my creativity and shows up in different artworks.

In 2015 I asked photographer Lubbe Garell if he could photoshoot my process, and it became a series of Pictures that we worked on. By my choice and a lot of work and hard dialogs I got the outcome I wanted. Blue background, hungry body and proudness in a serie.

You can bye the book here


Sculpture park at Kronovall Castle, summer of 2015

In the summer of 2015

I had the experiense of showing three

of my sculptures in Kronovall Castles park, in southern Sweden.

The sculpture park hade the theme LOVE

My Heart, Burst and Endless

were the sculptures I brought along and now they are with their new owner in the same area.

  • My Heart My heart....My heart is open. Every detail runs through and bounces back to you. My heart follows you. My heart are my eyes. Watching you while you are discovering new landscapes of life. Holding the light if you turn to darkness. My heart will mirror your tears, your pain, your success and see your true nature and love. The heart shows it self trough my body..my shell...my experience,  emotions,  defenses and years of living...loving...longing...learning. My heart is open for you. A shell is just a shell.

Three ceramic sculptures in exhibition at the sculpture park at Koronovall Castle.

A Art Project by Lisa Abelsson, (Swe) and leadingboard of Kronovall Castle.6 artists were represented in the park 2015. Ceramic, glass and net sculptures were preformed. The park were open between the 18 and 31 august. All Three sculptures were sold to the same owner and they will be represented in the same area of Sweden even in the future


Pictures from december 2014 at SO STHLM

Utställningen Fragment var mitt och Lena Winbos tredje utställningsprojekt

Konstmingel på SO STHLM och utställningen


  • BURST Burs out! Crack it wide open...scream...cry...laugh and let it go. It is painful when something dies...but when it do...it leaves room for something new...listen to your heart...and reveal the pain.

I see you...I feel your burst in my heart...it all is just one season away.

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